How ACTS is used

Retail Banking

A course on handling objection (English, French, German, Italian).

Management Development

A course on how to conduct a performance review.

Media Training

Simulated press interview

Sales training

Pharmaceutical Sales

Internal Communications

A course to train young doctors how to communicate with colleagues

Doctor to patient communication

How to discuss medical issues with patients with low English language skills, cross cultural communication

Retail sales training

A course for pharmacists, how to discuss flu symptoms and treatment

Coaching and counseling

A course to teach nurses how to use Motivational Interviewing techniques with Multiple Sclerosis patients.

Online job interviews

Job applicants receive an email invitation, can log in only once, all pages are automatic record, and respond to questions from staff and simulated customer interactions.

Sales training

In Chinese

Regulatory Compliance

A course to train airplane leasing field force how to avoid anti-trust violations in discussions with competitors and customer.