Who hosts the ACTS websites?

Biocom offers hosting of all ACTS websites on secure Swiss servers, optimized for ACTS functionality. However, companies using ACTS can host the software on their own servers, if they wish.

Who produces and controls the training content?

The ACTS software, installed on the server, includes the ACTS Course Generator. In most cases, the production of new courses is a collaborative effort by the customer and Biocom. Authorized users have access to the Course Generator to create or modify content at any time.

Is ACTS SCORM Compatible?

The short answer is Yes. With SCORM's newly introduced Tin Can API, companies using SCORM-based Learning Management Systems can exchange key user data (e.g., who did what, when, and results) between ACTS database and their LMS. The ACTS software and content, however, cannot be inserted into other another LMS and must stand alone.

Must ACTS courses follow the ACT training paradigm?

Not at all. ACTS is very flexible and courses can be designed to follow any training concept. ACTS is meant to support each company's current and ongoing training activities.

What about languages?

ACTS supports all languages, including non Latin-based alphabets. ACTS is currently running in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. ACTS websites can be in a single or multiple languages, where user profiles can automatically present the entire site and courses in the appropriate language.

Who can view saved user recordings?

Only authorized users can view recordings which have been saved on the server. When a user saves a recording, he/she indicates whether the recording is to be private or shared. Private recordings are truly private - no one can view them except the initiating user. If a user wishes to share his/her recordings, they can be shared with specified trainers (head of their "Team") or colleagues (members of their "Group").

Who owns the course content?

All content developed for a course belongs to the client. Biocom retains all rights to the underlying software.


ACTS has a very simple and transparent pricing structure with two components:

Biocom can provide: